It's no great secret that I'm a huge fan of Podcasts.

So many great stories to listen to, so little time!

With the resurgence of podcasting in the last few years, a slew of amazing shows have become available that I love and want to share with everyone. 

Below are eight of my most favourite podcasts that I'd suggest everyone listen to.


From Pacific Northwest Stories and Minnow Beats Whale comes The Black Tapes.

Every two weeks Alex Reagan investigates the strange and bizarre, probing the depths of Dr. Richard Strand's Black Tapes. 

I'm yet to finish off the second season of The Black Tapes. Not because I've lost interest at all, far from it, but because I'm savouring each episode, giving myself some time to think about everything happening in the series.

If you have listened to serialised docudrama-style podcasts before like Serial then the format will be familiar. 

Cannot wait to finish Season 2, and hopefully Season 3 is on the way!


From the Public Radio Alliance and Minnow Beats WhaleTANIS is another of my favourites. 

I actually stumbled headlong into TANIS one afternoon while scrolling through the newly featured podcasts in my favourite podcasting app PocketCasts. It immediately enthralled me and I never looked back. 

With just the right mix of factual evidence, historical mystery, and just a little horror, TANIS quickly earned its place as one of my top ten favourite podcasts.

The story follows Nic Silver on his journey to understand what the ancient myth simply known as "TANIS". In his two season (so far) journey, Nic throws himself into the pursuit of the myth, risking his life and his sanity regularly to get answers.

Is TANIS a place?, perhaps some kind of archaic object?, maybe a person?

You'll need to listen in to find out for sure.


At 660 on the AM dial lives KING FALLS AM.

Sammy Stevens and Ben Arnold host a late night talk radio show in the sleepy town of King Falls, where not all is well, not by a long shot.

From werewolves, UFO's, ancient possible-vampire custodians to Lincoln's ghost, and racist faerie magic... King Falls has it all. Produced by The Make Believe Picture Company, King Falls AM is often compared to Welcome to Night Vale, it is far superior in my book.

If you haven't listened to this yet, then get around it immediately... you won't be disappointed.


What do you do when you have a mysterious vault filled with audio tapes of exploratory sessions from a journalist attempting to ?

Well, you catalogue them of course!

ARCHIVE 81 is a found-audio horror podcast created and produced by Dead Signals. It follows the story of Dan, a graduate student brought into a secret bunker by the enigmatic Mr. Davenport to listen to interview tapes of Melody Pendras, an investigative journalist recording sessions with the tenants of a city apartment block in the mid-90's.

The twist? Dan himself is required to tape himself listening to the sessions... and now he's missing.

Each episode of Archive 81 is uploaded by his friend Mark who's attempting to find out any information on Dan, where he is, and if he's ok.

ARCHIVE 81 is meta-storyline building at its finest. It even out-inceptions Inception.


Myths are everywhere. Every culture and community around the globe has their own mythology, striking a balance between the helpful and the harmful. 

Aaron Mahnke is is the writer, host, and producer of Lore. In each episode, Aaron narrates tales that explore the depths of myths, legends, and the fears that drive us to create stories about the darker aspects of our world.

Episodes are released approximately every two weeks, accompanying Aaron's narration is a fantastic and carefully curated soundtrack that beautifully sets the scene throughout each episode. 

I often listen to Lore at night when I've tucked myself up into bed, just before sleep.

Definitely check out Lore


Spirits is completely on the other end of the mysterious spectrum from the other podcasts I've mentioned above. As the show runners mention, Spirits is 'A BOOZY DIVE INTO MYTHS AND LEGENDS'.

Each episode Amanda McLoughlin and Julia Schifini, dive deep into the depths of mythology, legends, and lore of different cultures from all over the globe... amid mixed drinks and general banter. 

Spirits is refreshing, it doesn't try to take you on an audio journey. Instead Amanda and Julia discuss the myths in a 'matter-of-fact' manner, along with a healthy dose of talk-radio style comedy to provide a lighthearted look at the strange.

This is a great podcast to listen to when you're out for a walk with your dog, or in the background while working.


In 2005, 347 people in the scientific commune of Limetown vanished without a trace.

Now over ten years later, Lia Haddock, an investigative journalist for American Public Radio searches for the truth of what happened to all those people, and where are they now?

At least, that's what this podcast will have you believe. 

From the first episode of Limetown I was hooked. Visceral story telling with an NPR-vibe makes this podcast feel like these events are real, and makes you continue to listen to the series.

Clocking in at only six episodes (not including a few asides), Limetown achieves an amazing spectrum of story telling. 

I thoroughly recommend listening to it, and like other podcasts in this list, I hope they return for another season.


Imagine if you could open a window and see what the next 10, 50, or 100 years in the future might be like.

Boing Boing's Flash Forward hosted by Rose Eveleth, probes future possibilities every month and covers a single possibility each episode with diverse topics from biology, politics, sociology, technology, media, psychology and more.

Flash Forward is an excellent mix of fact and fiction, thought and possibility. 

If you're interested in things to come, then Flash Forward is for you.

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