One of the most difficult things I find as a writer is accurately tracking progress while attempting to increase your word count.

Sure, you could just make a quick note on what your current word count is and watch it grow, and it's a simple way to see how you are performing, but it doesn't really give you any insight about your process.

So how do you gain a little more insight?

Mother-flippin' Spreadsheets to the Rescue!

Yeah ok, spreadsheets are pretty droll... But they are enormously helpful in visualising your progress over time.

So I've done the hard yards for you and developed a solution in Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel 2016. Both of which are incredibly simple to use.

The files both have two sheets, one called Dashboard, and one called Writing Totals.


So as you may have figured out from the images above, using a spreadsheet can give you easy to enter, and read, information about your writing habits.

The sheet is super easy to use, just open the file, flip to the Writing Totals Tab and start filling in the columns.

So on Monday if you've written 5600 words and you've spent 3.5 hours doing it, just add it to the Monday column of Week 1. It doesn't matter what week of the year you start (though you might like to make a note of it).

Once you've entered some info, flip back to the Dashboard and you'll see the graphs have sprung to life, showing you your progress. Don't be disheartened at first if you see some red numbers on the dashboard, with time you'll have much healthier numbers!

So there you have it. A couple of spreadsheets to help you better track your writing on a daily basis to figure out your habits.

If you happen to have any improvements you'd like to suggest to make it even better, then hit me up in the comments!