Recently I've been asked what I'm reading but quite a number of people, so I figure I should probably do a regular post on what I'm reading. As you can probably see, this month is a bit of a mixed bag. 

I always like to have a range of books on the go, across various subject matter.

So here goes!

Ah, the Hitchhikers Guide, how I love thee. 

I haven't read it for such a long time (more fool me!) and its a complete joy to read again. I have Apple iBooks to thank for reminding me to read the H2G2 series again as they had the first book (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) available for free. 

Now that I've moved on to the second book so quickly I thought I'd take my time reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe as it's such an awesome series that you shouldn't rush it and sometimes need to stop and smell the Arcturan Megaflowers.

This series is hands down one of my most prized reads of all time.


Managing Knowledge Work and Innovation, Second Edition may seem like an odd choice of book for a fiction writer to read, but often the organisational principles that are present in daily knowledge working apply directly to writing fiction as well. 

Oh, and, I have a day job so its also nice to brush up on techniques and new ways of thinking.

Concepts, thoughts, case studies, and practical methodologies to apply when doing daily information and knowledge process tasks.


Often I find it better for my writing to do some serious reading into the genre, and this stuff is like candy to my hungry SciFi obsessed brain.

The SFWA Nebula Awards have been a constant trove of amazing writing for me to delve into over the years, and in truth its reading this calibre of material that made me want to do the sitting-down-at-desk-and-write thing in the first place. 

The Mammoth Book of Nebula Awards SF is no exception. Gritty stories that get under your skin, make you question the very nature of relationships you've forged, and more importantly reading about things that may shape the future in ways we can't imagine is sublime.

Thebes, TanisHeliopolis. Just some of the ancient cities of Ancient Egypt and the stories passed down through countless generations of scribes and historians are amazing to learn about. 

I fell in love with Ancient Egypt, the struggles of the Egyptian Gods and the mysteries of the Nile when I was much younger. It fascinates me how through simple narrative these stories can project so much life, so much meaning, and yet remain true to their purpose.

Roger Lancelyn Green has taken rougher, less elegant translations of the stories and has rewritten them into parables and fables of the Egyptian gods that anyone could enjoy.


So there you have it, the four books that I'm reading at this moment in time. Its a little bit of a struggle reading widely across different fictional forms, genres, and non-fiction topics but I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. 

Read any of these books?

Feel free to leave a comment!