Detective Novel: A Spotify Playlist1 min read

For some writers, the addition of music to their writing environment is unthinkable, yet other writers wouldn’t imagine writing without musical accompaniment.

I find myself in the latter group of writers and love to craft a good playlist to get me into the mood. Of course, it depends on what I’m writing as to what I listen to so I have a few different playlists that I rotate through.

More recently I’ve been writing a speculative fiction detective novella, think Maltese Falcon set on Mars, and for that my good friend Tim and I have created a Spotify playlist we call simply Detective Novel.

The dark streets call. Steam flows into the night illuminated by streetlamp as it rises above the pavement. The hot orange glow of a cigarrete smoked from the shadows of a nearby alley as the lone gumshoe watches by the corner. Slip into the night and dream.

It’s 100 songs, 9 hours and 6 minutes of jazz goodness as you bliss on the noir city streets.

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