Writing Dashboard: Aug 2017 Update2 min read

Recently a ton of people have liked an older story of mine, Writing Dashboard: Track Your Writing Habits.

Based on some amazing user feedback, I’ve put some extra thought into the functions my Writing Dashboard performs to add to its feature set, while also keeping to the core reason I built it in the first place.

Apps that track data are nice, but you really get excited when you put the effort into the manual, daily recording of effort.

So, what is different?

From the first incarnation I’ve made some minor tweaks to how the dashboard records dates and times.

Firstly, dynamic dates.

I’ve updated the sheet to be incredibly flexible depending on the start date you choose.

In the Date Started field, simply type today’s date in DD/MM/YYYY format, and the Writing Totals sheet will automagically adjust the dates and days to fit. This also updates the first day of the week, so if you do happen to choose a mid-week day to start, just be aware of that.

Update the Date Started field, and hey presto! Automagic dates!
At the same time as the date updates, so do all the week days!

No longer is daily time just a dumb number field, but now you can enter hours and minutes.

Did you write for seven minutes and nailed a hundred word masterpiece? Put it in! 


With new time tracking abilities, you can get more granular with time.

I’ve also updated the dynamic tracking of additional data collected from the sheet, anytime you enter data it will update the newly minted Total Words, Total Time, and # of Days Written metrics. 

Improved weekly metrics give you an easier overview of how you’re tracking.

Of course it wouldn’t be complete with a few new tricks over on the dashboard view.

I’ve tightened up the statistics with new auto-colouring, along with a new statistic of total days written for the year. Graphs have been slightly refreshed, and overall graph dynamics have been improved.

Sample data only, of course. If your graph looks like this you’re either super consistent or a maniac… your choice.

As an additional step I’ve also removed the Microsoft Excel version from development as the statistics I’ve gathered showed a negligible amount of downloads when compared to Apple Numbers.

If there is renewed interest, I’d be more than happy to reinstate its development. 

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