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Those who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or closely on this site have probably noticed that I’ve just launched a new podcast!

The Write Shift is a bi-monthly podcast that follows me as I attempt to become a published author.

Changing life, one word at a time.

I’m embarking on this new venture to help push my writing to the next stage. I’ve been able to generate plenty of story topics, published a few on this site and have a tonne of good ideas for next steps, but need an extra challenge to make myself go further with my writing.

The premise of The Write Shift is simple.

Each episode I’ll talk about the things I’ve been doing to enhance my writing career, and not just the triumphs, but the pitfalls along the way. I’ll be providing insight into my creative process and how that evolves over time, as well as sharing great resources I come across, and from time to time reading some of my work to my listeners.

Right now episode 1 is available to listen to on this site, but it has been approved for several podcast distributers including iTunes, Pocket Casts, and Stitcher, and will be available on these platforms shortly.

For now, go have a listen to episode 1, and follow the show accounts over on Twitter and Instagram.

Exciting times are ahead!

Stay tuned for more!

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